What is The Need Nowadays To Expose Your Soul?

ImageWe’ve all heard the phrase “I wear my heart on my sleeve…” Great, So do I… The phrase is steadily becoming…. I tattoo’d a sleeve of my life story from shoulder to wrist, in 6 font Georgia Style just so you could read it… Who are you again? It doesn’t matter… You can read my life on my sleeve, on my Facebook, on twitter…. You name it….

I remember when people were afraid to give out their telephone numbers…. No not because of telemarketers… No not because they would annoy you (Caller-ID) was a big thing as a kid…. Mind you, a phone number used to be a residence, not a mobile person…. It amazes me how crazed people were for “security” …. “anonymity” … and now people will tell you what they ate for breakfast, with who, where, how gassy it made them, and what they plan to do about it afterwards…. Location, down to the plate…. and people wonder why hacker’s are smirking…

All it takes is one lil’ mess up with a computer and a whole new door has been opened for the world of the Criminals… I used to hack back in the AOL days, twas fun my friend, and I still dabble here and there but I have far better knowledge and find it far easier than even how it was “back then”…. Of course we’re talking the Windows 98 days but to me those were the greatest…. Now I have to program for a mobile phone… ain’t that a bitch…. I need a computer to program this writing right here for your PHONE…. More exposure? More networking? …. Nah, more HASSLE…. The World Wasn’t Ready For The World Wide Web….

The more we rely on writing our lives on our sleeves so all your friends know what’s up and where you’re at…. the more people as technologically savvy could do what they wan’t and with leisure… Good thing I became a good person from 10 years ago because I think the world would have seen some data missing….. or maybe…. I just know what you told me? Perhaps??? Perhaps.


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